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Readers all over the world are finding out that their prayers are being answered. Here is just some of the testimony that Seven Prayers is receiving…

Prayer for Provision

“I was praying for God’s provision for open doors and new opportunities, specifically for our church choir to be given permission to sing at the prison for Easter. The prison administration has never before allowed any program like this, sacred or secular, to be presented to the prison population. I prayed every day for God to make a way.  On March 25, 2011, I approached the prison Chaplain with my request. He called the Director of Treatment to explain my request, and within 10 minutes, he came to the Chaplain’s office to let me know that my request had been granted!! I could hardly contain my excitement!

The choir went to the prison on April 16, 2011 and sang the Easter cantata ‘O Great Redeemer’ to a unit of male inmates and to another unit of female inmates. There were a total of 58 inmates that came to hear the message of redemption that day, and 22 of them gave their hearts to the Lord!”

— Leah, PA

Prayer for Guidance

“I prayed specifically for guidance in several areas, kids, church leadership, and job direction. All have been answered and continue to be answered.”

— Kimberly, PA

Prayer for Blessing

“My husband is now starting a new contract that is bringing us good, consistent income.”

— Kimberly, PA

Prayer for Healing

“I had severe back pain. One morning, I prayed ‘You are my only hope’. I can’t pin point the exact moment, but for some reason I forgot to take my pain medication. That’s when I noticed that I no longer felt any pain. Within weeks, I threw away all my pain meds, and I’ve been pain free ever since. He is the great physician and my healer!”

— Cindy, CA

Prayer for Freedom

“For years, I’ve struggled with alcoholism. I finally came to the end of my rope and cried out to God. All I could do was pray, and God heard my prayer. Suddenly, God poured into my life a supernatural strength like nothing I’d ever experience. It’s been well over a year, and the urge to drink is gone. The prayers for deliverance outlined in The Seven Prayers will greatly impact your life!”

— Alfonzo, NM

Prayer for Salvation

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Prayer for Forgiveness

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