Burning Questions

Does God listen when we pray? Does He care?

Absolutely! God listens to everyone’s prayer, regardless of his or her background spiritual depth, or level of holiness. Psalm 65:2 says, “for you answer our prayers. All of us must come to you.” He not only hears every petition, but he also cares about the details of our lives. The very hairs on our head are numbered (Matt 10:30). There is no request too insignificant or prayer unimportant to Him provided that your heart is genuine and your motives are sincere.

Does prayer change God’s mind?

If our prayers had no influence, then why would God encourage us to pray? Regardless if they change God’s mind or not, one thing is certain. Prayer changes our circumstances, and they have great impact on our own lives and on the world around us. Besides, God knows what His will is. He waiting for us to share ours with Him. James 5:16; Exodus 32:11-14.

Why don’t we see the miraculous things that we hear about in other countries?

In the countries where people experience miraculous breakthroughs, God is a very large piece in their very small and simple puzzle. In North America and Western Europe, God has been unfortunately reduced to a very small piece in our very large and complex puzzle. The key to seeing miraculous breakthroughs is to make God a bigger piece of our lives. When that happens, we will inevitably begin to experience something powerful. The best place to start is prayer.

If I pray to discover God’s will, will He answer?

God always wants us to follow, because He always wants to lead. When we knock on God’s door, He always answers (Luke 11:9). As we renew our mind through prayer and reading His word, we will most definitely discover what God’s perfect will is for our lives (Romans 12:2).

Are there prayers He is always willing to answer by saying “Yes!”?

Absolutely! There is no doubt that as you read both the Old and New Testaments, we discover an important truth that has been overlooked for centuries. There are certain prayers to which God always says “yes”. I discuss some of those prayers and how they can dramatically revolutionize your life in great depth in THE SEVEN PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS.

Can I pray about my sex life, my career, or to make more money?

Certainly. Every prayer is very important. In almost every situation my response is the same. God cares more than you think, and yes, you should share your heart with the Lord. There is hardly a conversation with God you shouldn’t have, especially if your heart is genuine and your desire is sincere (1 Peter 5:7).

What happens when God doesn’t answer my prayer?

God answers prayer with one of three responses, yes, no, or wait. In many cases, His answer might be affirmative, but the timing might not be right. So we must wait. At times, His answer is no, and we find it very difficult to accept that as an answer. Either way, we must exercise patience and faith. All and all, God wants what’s best for our lives, and if we remember that when we pray, we can expect wonderful, even powerful things to occur in our lives (Hebrews 12:5-8).

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